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Concerned about climate change ?

Concerned about a sustainable future ?

So are the people that make up transition hope valley. We are broadly based on the Transition Towns concept which will help to make the Hope Valley a closer knit, more self-sufficient and thus resilient community through events, workshops, re-skilling and raising awareness of local issues.

Since its inception in 2009, transition hope valley has been involved with a number of initiatives within the region, together which have brought together a wide range of people with a common aim, to develop a market and an interest in locally grown food and products.


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To date, Transition Hope Valley have...

... put on four successful annual coppicing days (in collaboration with the National Trust),  several apple days, and "grow your own" days.  See details of our latest coppicing day

Coppice Day from Ellie Ragdale on Vimeo.

... produced a local food questionnaire to gauge interest in the possibility of growing food locally creating a programme of Community Supported Agriculture, and published a local food map from this. (Still a work in progress.)

... worked with existing groups on energy production, creating orchards and community woodland areas.

... arranged events with guest speakers and screened appropriate films that raise awareness of peak oil and climate change.

... networked with other groups in the region wherever possible in co-operation with Live and Work Rural and the Peak National Authority.

So you want to know more, please contact us at transition hope valley and join in the creation of a greener and brighter Hope Valley.